The custom floor mat that changed everything

Innovative ideas. Advanced technology. Industry-leading experts. That’s how Matting By Design has become the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom and designer commercial floor matting products.

Before Matting By Design, floor matting was limited to standard sizes, basic colors, and backing types that either wouldn’t stay in place or had to be glued to the floor. For large areas, it wasn’t uncommon for multiple mats to be duct taped together to get adequate coverage. Inferior design and construction often harbored mold and mildew.



That all changed in 1986, when Matting By Design opened its doors and revolutionized the industry. Experience, exclusive technology and high-quality raw materials allowed us to create high-performance products with inlaid designs in limitless sizes and shapes. Each finished product was as unique as the customer. That uniqueness, combined with quality and performance, filled a void in a growing market.

What sets us apart is our proprietary process for laminating the backing to the surface yarns. This ensures you get custom floor matting that performs like no other. Our laminating machine is the only one like it in the world. It produces breathable floor matting. This prevents mold and mildew growth that harms flooring surfaces and causes noxious odors. It also allows us to create mats that are unlimited in size and shape, so you have more options. In addition, most floor matting manufacturers use heat to attach the back. We use cold lamination, which is friendlier to the environment.

We approach floor matting today the same way we did when we opened in 1986. It’s not just a floor mat; it’s a statement. It speaks volumes about your facility, attention to detail and concern for the safety of your customers. Make sure your floor matting sends the right message with Matting By Design.