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In 2006 we took the opportunity to upgrade our entrances with custom mats at all of our public entrances. Over the last five years thousands of patrons have entered Impressed by our logo, which met them at the door. In 2010 on a quiet Friday afternoon in January, a frozen sprinkle head in the entryway gave out and the water began to flow. The fire protection system sensing the change in pressure the system, kicked on a five horse pump and within minutes it had pushed the water pressure from a normal 40 lbs. per square inch pressure to over 100 lbs. per square inch. The result was that over the next twenty minutes, until the system was stopped, an astounding 1100 gallons of water pounded the interior of the entry way. Our staff quickly went to work mopping up the mess, by 6:30 we were able open the lobby for a show. The matting was still damp but looked great. As one of my staff remarked ” That was the most expense carpet cleaning I have ever seen”. The best part was within a few days the mat was completely dry and there was no odor. Since the backing is completely polypropylene it did not absorb the water, no water no mold. Your mats are tough as nails, a half an million patrons have crossed that entry and it still looks great.

William C. Fox
Technical & Operations Manager
The Eisemann Center

Richardson, TX 75082



Matting by Design and Brad Undestad have been an integral part of our branding and marketing plan for years.  Part of our strategy is the renovating and repositioning of office buildings.  In order to fully execute our plan, no re-branding is complete without a custom made logo mat from the good folks at Matting by Design…I would trust no one else!

Salvatore Dragone, CCIM, CPM®

Vice President, Dir. of Property

Rubenstein Partners L.P.


Jones Lang LaSalle Testimonial





Thank you for checking in on our new entrance mat – hard to believe that it has been six months already!

The mat is working out great for our lobby and really creates a tone of luxury for visitors to the building, and welcoming residents home!

We have had a couple of issues with paint on someone’s shoes, but the mat has cleaned up really well using your instructions and our talented housekeeping team.

The other two mats for our Dog Park entrance that we purchased right after our entrance mat, have also worked very well in a high traffic area. So much so, that we just purchased, and had delivered this week, 14 new mats for the 7 elevator lobbies in our garage – another upgrade to our mats that Larry has helped us with.

The quality of your mats has helped us make the decision to end the rental mat contract that we had with Cintas, and going forwards we will continue to purchase our own mats when necessary.



Stuart Tyrrell  CCM, CAM

General Manager

512.827.2710(Office)  512.827.2704 (Fax)
200 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701