Recycled and recyclable.

Achieving your green goals is easy with sustainable solutions from Matting By Design. Ask us how our custom floor matting can improve your building’s LEED rating.

Made from 85% post-consumer recycled polyester

  • Eco-friendly – Features 8 post-consumer plastic bottles per square foot
  • Fast drying – Extra air circulation speeds drying time
  • High performance – Traps dirt and moisture, keeping locations cleaner and safer, all while looking great

The industry’s first fully sustainable, 100% PVC-free matting tile system

  • Eco-friendly – Can be recycled into new tiles – without wasting a single ounce – when it reaches the end of its useful life
  • Superior performance – 8X greater tear strength, 5X greater tensile strength, and 2X greater delamination strength compared to traditional PVC tiles
  • Superior durability – Lifetime commercial warranty against edge ravel, zippering, delamination and moisture degradation

Cradle to Cradle Certified


Sbemco Matting By Design warrants for a six-year period from the date of purchase, that the EcoMod matting tile, when maintained as recommended by Sbemco, will retain at least 90% of its pile fiber. In order for this warranty to be valid, the product must be maintained according to the cleaning procedures outlined by Sbemco. Download detailed warranty specification for more information.

Download Warranty Care & Use Limitations

Made with 100% recyclable premium-branded nylon

  • Eco-friendly – Cradle-to-cradle certified, so it can be recycled again and again
  • Efficient – Requires 18% less energy to make than traditional nylon
  • Excellent performance – Offers one of the largest denier per filament (DPF) in the industry and the strongest tensile strength

Cradle to Cradle Certified