What you need to know about delivery

Before Delivery

  • Pre-delivery calls are made to notify customers that their matting is shipping.
  • Matting is shipped rolled on an industrial-strength cardboard tube via UPS or common carrier depending on product size and weight.
  • Length of the roll will be the shortest mat dimension. Example: A mat that is 25′ x 18′ will be 18′ long roll.
  • Weight of the roll depends on size and how many mats have been rolled together. This info is not available until after product has shipped.
  • Matting is rolled with padding for protection then wrapped in waterproof white wrapping.
  • Directions for unrolling the matting are attached to the outside of the roll.

At Time of Delivery:

    Notate ANY visible damage to the roll on the delivery receipt. Exterior damage may or may not have harmed the matting, but noting there WAS damage is important in the case of a freight claim.

  • Have enough personnel to physically handle the size of the rolls and weight.
  • If possible, a forklift with a carpet pole attached is the perfect way to unload the matting rolls. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE MATTING WITH THE FORKS OF A FORKLIFT AS YOU CAN DAMAGE THE MATTING.
  • At least (2) four-wheel dollies will make it easier to move the matting from the drop-off point to the installation location.

Things to Think About:

  • If you have to move the rolls to an upper or lower level location, do you have an elevator or escalator that will handle the size of the roll either laying down or on end?
  • If you DO have to move the matting, DON’T unwrap it until you’ve moved it to it’s final location.
  • DO NOT throw away the cardboard tube the matting comes rolled on. You will need it to store the matting if you plan to roll it up during good weather, or you may need to send the matting back if there is freight damage.
  • NEVER fold or roll the matting with the pink or blue side out, even for a short time. Rolled incorrectly for as little as 15 seconds can cause damage in the form or stretching or wrinkling that may not be repairable.